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Jingnan Chen

I am a Senior Lecturer (Tenured Assistant Professor) in Economics at University of Exeter Business School in the United Kingdom.

My research interests lie in Experimental Economics, Applied Microeconomics, and Leadership (esp. promoting female leadership).


University of Exeter Business School
0.39 Streatham Court
Rennes Drive
Exeter, Devon EX4 4PU
United Kingdom
Email: j.chen2[at]
Phone: +44 01392 726294

Journal Publications

Forthcoming, "When a Nudge Is (Not) Enough: Experiments on Social Information and Incentives" , with Miguel Fonseca and Shaun Grimshaw. European Economic Reivew.

2019, "When are women willing to lead? The effect of team gender composition and gendered tasks", with Daniel Houser, The Leadership Quarterly, 30:6. Runner up for Best paper in Leadership Quarterly 2019 - 2020. Interviewed by BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Southwest Evening News. Covered by Forbes, EurekAlert! and many others.

2019, "Broken Contracts and Hidden Partnerships: Theory and Experiment", with Daniel houser, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, v157, 754-774.

2017, "Promises and lies: can observers detect deception in written messages", with Daniel Houser, Experimental Economics, 20:2, 396–419.

2016, "Beward of Popular Kids Bearing Gifts: A Framed Field Experiment", with Daniel Houser, Natalia Montinari and Marco Piovesan Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 132:Part A, 104-120.

2012, "Non-human Primate Studies Inform the Foundation of Fair and Just Human Institutions", with Daniel Houser, Social Justice Research, 25:3, 277-297.

Book Chapers

2018, "Testing and Implementing Digital Tax Administration", with Gareth Myles and Shaun Grimshaw, Digital Revolution in Public Finance, The International Monetary Fund (IMF).

2015, "Ethics and Advances in Economic Science: The Role of Two Norms", with Angelina Christie and Daniel Houser, in George DeMartino and Deirdre McCloskey (Eds.), Handbook on Professional Economic Ethics: Views from the Economics Profession and Beyond, Oxford University Press.

Working Papers

“When do men shy away from competition? An Experiment on Unethical Conduct andCompetitive (dis)Advantages", with Daniel Houser.

“Outdoor heat and productivity in a high-tech setting: evidence from the precisio nmanufacture of silicon wafers", with Miguel Fonseca, Anthony Heyes, Jie Yang andXiaohui Zhang.

Technical Report

"The effect of HMRC Taxpayer Assistance on compliance: An experimental investigation", prepared for the National Audit Office.

Works In Progress

“The effect of emotion on deception", with Miguel Fonseca, Shaun Grimshaw and Brit Grosskopf. (Data collection in Sep. 2017)

“The effect of team incentives on productivity: evidence from a large manufacturing company", with Miguel Fonseca and Jerry Yang. (Data collected)

“The Michael Jordan effect on team productivity: Evidence from a large manufacturing company", with Miguel Fonseca and Jerry Yang (Data collected)

Year Course Title Evaluation Location
Fall 2019Experimental Methods5/5University of Exeter
Behavioural Insights for Business and Management4.2/5
Fall 2018Experimental Methods4.3/5University of Exeter
Behavioural Insights for Business and Management3.8/5
Fall 2017Experimental Methods4/5University of Exeter
Economics of Manageent Strategy3.8/5
Fall 2016Experimental Mehtods5/5Univeristy of Exeter
Introduction to Statistics3.5/5
Fall 2015Experimental Methods5/5University of Exeter
Statistics and Econometrics3.3/5
Fall 2014Statistics and Econometrics3/5University of Exeter
Economics for Management2.7/5